TalkTalk communication fiasco

October 2015 saw one of the most high-profile corporate cyber-attacks ever, although this incident may be remembered as much for the ineptitude of the public relations that followed as for the breach itself. Indeed several weeks after TalkTalk suffered one of the most significant hacks in recent memory, the company had still not offered its … Read more

Government presses on with controversial spying law

Every web user in the UK will have their browsing history stored and made available to the police and security services, if home secretary Theresa May’s controversial new laws are approved by parliament. The so-called Draft Investigatory Powers Bill would see the sites – but not individual pages – that every single UK web user … Read more

Cyber-criminals target big businesses with ‘whale’ scam

Most people are already wary of phishing, but businesses now find themselves having to defend against a new type of cyber-threat: ‘whaling’. This scam tactic sees the criminal pretending to be a company boss and sending a spoof message to the finance department, asking for a payment to a supplier to be rushed through while … Read more

Save time on Christmas card labels using Word

It’s almost the season to be jolly. But before you can relax and enjoy the festivities, there’s a long list of tasks that will ensure your holidays pass without a hitch. From buying gifts to finding the perfect turkey, all of this can take months of preparation. But first of all, there’s the Christmas card … Read more

Stay Safe From Online Viruses

Here is some information that will hopefully help protect you from opening attachments, websites, etc that may contain viruses. Risks Viruses and spyware (together called Malware) can cause very serious consequences including: Identity theft Fraud Deletion, theft and corruption of data Monitor which websites you visit in order to target you with advertisements Send spam … Read more

Dispelling the myths about Microsoft Office 365

Office 365

Most companies would like to benefit from the business agility and cost savings that result from a move to the cloud. But with the bewildering amount of contradictory information floating around on the Internet, there is always room for confusion. Take Microsoft Office 365, for example. Many businesses are looking to embrace this software suite … Read more

Selfies to replace passwords in 2016

Forecasters have long been predicting the demise of the humble password but now a new contender has emerged as a potential successor – the selfie. MasterCard has been looking at ways of making online payments quicker and more secure, whilst also trying to do away with the effort of remembering old passwords. It settled on … Read more

Apple discovers major App Store breach

Apple is undergoing a clean-up of its iOS App Store following the biggest malware attack in its history. It’s long been asserted that Apple is the safest choice for smartphone owners, with the company heavily regimenting the apps allowed to be put on sale and shunning Google’s open source approach to programming. It has worked … Read more