Connected lightbulbs could kill off Wi-Fi

The idea of connectivity passing via light into our devices may seem fanciful, but teams of researchers from Edinburgh and Estonia have created a system to do exactly that. This so-called ‘Li-Fi’ technology works by flickering the light in a way that would be impossible to spot with the human eye. However, this flickering can … Read more

Facebook word cloud app could be data security minefield

Facebook users that found out their most-used words on the social networking site could have opened themselves up to a world of data insecurity. Though it boasts more than 1.44 billion users across the world, Facebook has long been plagued by complaints of data harvesting, with some even going so far as to suggest that … Read more

Happy Birthday Windows! Iconic OS turns 30

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Microsoft’s defining operating system, Windows. Though it’s been 30 years since Windows became formally available to the public (on November 20, 1985, to be precise), it came after a long gestation period. Microsoft first unveiled its operating system in 1983, with the two year gap leading many sceptics … Read more