Microsoft promises to use cloud power for good

With all the stories of tax-dodging and data breaches, it’s rare to hear anything positive about the world’s biggest companies in the media these days. Microsoft appears to be doing its best to restore the balance, however. The Redmond firm recently announced plans to put its epic cloud computing power to worthy use, and promised … Read more

Lincolnshire council cyber-breach should be a lesson for all

We hear all the time of major firms being attacked by cyber-criminals. Sometimes it is a case of digital thieves taking valuable data to sell on, while others sabotage sites for financial or moral gain. It’s a little rarer to find stories of smaller organisations falling victim, but these attempts do happen – just ask … Read more

Hack cost TalkTalk £60 million and 101,000 customers

The true cost of TalkTalk’s 2015 cyberattack has been revealed, with the telecoms firm thought to be facing a £60 million bill for the high-profile breach. The company was attacked in October last year, with hackers gaining access to the personal information of some 157,000 customers. This included 15,600 bank account numbers and sort codes. … Read more