Scandalous security flaws at heart of Panama leak

The political fallout from the Panama Papers scandal continues to reverberate around the globe as many high profile figures using offshore tax havens have been forced to defend their actions. Amongst them, Prime Minister David Cameron, who was implicated when leaked files from offshore law firm Mossack Fonseca revealed that he profited from his late … Read more

Ransomware works – that’s why criminals continue to use it

Ransomware is still highly popular amongst cybercriminals, because users continue to fall into their not-so-carefully-crafted traps. Security researchers discover more than 100,000 new malware variants every single day – indeed, it can be difficult to keep up. However, it seems that all this innovation is going to waste, as users are still vulnerable to the … Read more

Font of all knowledge

In this month’s tips and tricks article, we bring you a couple of useful tips regarding the font section of Microsoft Word. There are two functions that we will specifically focus on in this article. These are the “change case” section and the “superscript” section.   Changing Cases Have you ever pressed the Caps Lock … Read more

Microsoft experiments with underwater datacentre

We’ve all heard of hosting data in the cloud, but what about under the sea? Well, a recent Microsoft study into the viability of underwater datacentres has put this notion to the test. Project Natick saw Microsoft engineers drop a 38,000-pound, 10ft by 7ft container into the Pacific Ocean last year. It was then monitored … Read more

Plasticine finger fools smartphone security scanners

Fingerprint scanners may have been hailed by smartphone manufacturers as the next big thing in cyber security, but this notion has been cast into shadow after a Chinese company fooled one with a fake finger. Vkansee is a Chinese manufacturer of high-resolution fingerprint scanners. In a bid to show just how flimsy the current market … Read more

10 commandments of business email revealed

With email now accounting for 6.3 hours of the average worker’s day, journalist Kate Ashford has identified the ten biggest mistakes that people make with their corporate accounts. Number one on Ashford’s list was replying to all – albeit on a large scale. In smaller instances, she says, this may be acceptable, however it becomes … Read more

Cybercriminals target UK bank accounts

The UK is the best market for cyber criminals to hack into online banking accounts or steal valuable information, a data analyst has claimed. Security consultant at Trend Micro, Bharat Mistry, has mapped the global trends for cyber crime to identify the areas where certain activities are most prevalent. Interestingly, these shine a mirror onto … Read more

The Ultimate Disaster Recovery Checklist

How to keep you head amidst an IT disaster (in 6 easy steps) When it comes to data backup and disaster recovery (BDR), being prepared for a potential disaster is vital to keeping your business up and running. But in order to establish a disaster recovery solution you can trust, you must test it regularly … Read more