Microsoft boss hopes LinkedIn deal will ‘reinvent productivity’

Following the announcement in June that Microsoft had acquired LinkedIn, CEO Satya Nadella has told employees he hopes the deal will “accelerate [the site’s] growth and the value it brings to its members with Microsoft’s assets and scale.” In an open letter published by, Microsoft told employees that the deal, which has an estimated … Read more

Huge surge in Android ransomware attacks

Ransomware attacks are rising in popularity, it seems, as almost four times as many Android devices were subjected to attempted attacks between 2015 and 2016 than between 2014 and 2015, according to Kaspersky Lab. The figures only apply to devices running Kaspersky Lab’s security software, and it is not known how many of the attacks … Read more

Create an expenses claim by exporting your Outlook calendar

Are you constantly being nagged by your accounts department for failing to prepare your travel expenses on time? Then this month’s tip promises to make your life a little easier. For many business people, their Outlook calendars already contain up-to-date records of the trips they have made to see customers and suppliers. So if only … Read more

Tumblr hack actually affected 65 million users

The full extent of Tumblr’s 2013 hack has finally been revealed – with more than 65 million accounts thought to have been impacted. Hackers targeted Tumblr some three years ago, eventually getting access to email addresses with salted and hashed passwords. At the time Tumblr admitted that there had been a breach, but was noticeably … Read more

Facebook and Microsoft to lay new trans-Atlantic cable

Microsoft and Facebook have teamed up to lay a 6,600km underwater cable connecting the US and Europe. This new project – the latest in a series of ventures where technology providers have moved into the telecoms space – will see a cable running between Virginia in the US and Bilbao in Spain. Named MAREA (Spanish … Read more