Look out for seasonal malware that you didn’t order

It’s that time of year when a deluge of new malware attacks try to lure you in with infected email attachments in messages which purport to be from legitimate companies – the types of companies you would expect to be emailing you at this time of year. Amazon appears to be the worst culprit right … Read more

An auto-responder is not just for Christmas

Most of us configure an auto responder once or maybe twice a year for Christmas and the weeks when we take annual leave. A hastily written line announcing your temporary departure from the rat race and providing alternative contact details should the enquiry be of an urgent nature. These are the email replies that Outlook … Read more

High-powered battery can charge smartphones in seconds

Researchers at the University of Central Florida have created a new high-powered battery capable of charging electronic devices, such as smartphones and wearables, in a matter of seconds. The battery is small and flexible too – it’s about the size of a fingernail and is very thin, making it easy to build into small devices. … Read more