10 hidden features on your iPhone

Are you getting the most out of your iPhone? Here are ten hidden features you may not know about but they could come in handy. #1 Secret magnifying glass To enlarge images tap the ‘home’ button three times. To activate, go to Settings, General, Accessibility and Magnifier. #2 Add special effects to iMessages Use the … Read more

Microsoft Word tips to increase productivity

Time saving tricks in Microsoft Word can increase your productivity by reducing the time you spend editing documents. You may have seen these kinds of shortcuts and suggestions before, but we’re sure you’ll find something new in the list below. Quick selection To select a word, make two rapid clicks on the word in question … Read more

Why cloud computing is great for start-ups

Based on 2017 statistics from The Cloud Industry Forum, 82% of start-ups are now making use of at least one cloud computing service, compared with just 54% in 2016. Furthermore, around 70% will increase their use of the cloud in the next year, and 8% have moved their IT component exclusively to the cloud. Statistics … Read more

Smart TV: the spy in your home?

The US Federal Trade Commission has found that one of the leading manufacturers of smart televisions recorded users’ viewing data without their explicit permission. So is Big Brother watching you? Orwell’s sinister suspicion is nearly 70 years old, but our reasons to be fearful keep on growing – not just from a super-state, but blackmailers, … Read more