Why it’s a good idea to clear your browser history and cookies

Don’t let the friendly website notifications about cookies fool you – it’s a good idea to delete them (and your browser history too). Though cookies allow web browsers to load frequently-visited pages a lot quicker, they can pose a real security threat – as Yahoo discovered just a year or so ago. The incident saw … Read more

Lies, damned lies and laptop battery life

HP and Dell could find themselves embroiled in a scandal over battery life, after it emerged the two tech giants may have grossly overstated the power of their laptop devices. Consumer champion Which? tested the average battery life of 67 laptops from some of the industry’s biggest names, to discover whether they matched the claims … Read more

Office 365’s deskless worker package expands with new features

Microsoft has announced an expansion to its Office 365 Enterprise K1 plan, to offer frontline staff a significant functionality increase. PowerApps and Flow, Skype for Business, StaffHub, Teams and Office 365 Video will all be making their way across to K1 (the K representing ‘Kiosk’) – though Microsoft has been coy on when exactly the … Read more