New small business apps headed for Office 365

Office 365

Small businesses may soon find it easier to be discovered, market to customers and get paid quickly, thanks to a new raft of features being added to Office 365 Business Premium. Microsoft has unveiled three new apps (Connections, Listings and Invoicing), to better serve the needs of its modern small business users. Connections, it says, … Read more

Microsoft to streamline its business offering

Office 365 and Windows 10 may not be available to business users for much longer, at least in their current guise, after Microsoft announced plans to change the way it packages products. Consumer research has revealed to Microsoft that some business users feel the current offering to be too disjointed. They reported feeling like the … Read more

Phishing scam targets WhatsApp users with bogus subscription messages

Emails claiming to be from mobile messaging service WhatsApp should be treated with caution, users have been warned, following the discovery of a new phishing scam. Cyber criminals were found to be sending emails, complete with the WhatsApp branding, telling recipients that they need to pay a subscription fee in order to keep their messaging … Read more

Why do phone batteries drain so quickly in warm weather?

Whilst many of us Brits look forward to summertime – with its warmer weather and lighter evenings – it’s not quite such a happy time for our technology. Smartphones, in particular, are notorious for suffering during these hot spells; slowing down, overheating and draining battery very quickly. So why does this happen? Firstly, it’s worth … Read more

More WhatsApp encryption comes to light – months after being secretly launched

In its relatively short life, the popular messaging service WhatsApp has not just become a widespread communication tool but also emerged as a bastion of cybersecurity good practice. Now, that reputation has been bolstered further still, through the encryption of backups stored in Apple’s iCloud. By making message backups more difficult for hackers and spies … Read more

Technology is killing off traditional skills – but is that such a bad thing?

It’s common knowledge that technology has revolutionised the way we live our lives – but could it also be impacting the way our brains work? After all, with nearly everyone in the country owning a smartphone (replete with more space for contacts than anyone would ever be likely to fill), we no longer need to … Read more

3 forgotten (but still useful) tips for Microsoft Word

Many Microsoft Word shortcuts and commands have been sitting on the shelf gathering dust over the years, but plenty of them are still useful to those who remember them. These 3 handy tricks – that some may have forgotten – apply to any version beyond Word 2007. Spike it Most users are familiar with the … Read more