Mac attack could have been going on for years

Apple Mac devices may have been unwittingly harbouring malware for years, without it ever being detected by antivirus software. An ex-NSA hacker has discovered a mysterious piece of software on Mac devices that he described as “unique” and “intriguing”. It’s thought the malware is a strain of ‘FruitFly’, which has been infecting systems for nearly … Read more

Facebook shuts down AI bots after they invent their own language

Social media giant Facebook has announced its engineers shut shown two AI bots when, after speaking to each other, they began inventing their own language. Facebook is investing heavily in artificial intelligence in a bid to create a “personalised digital assistant.” One trial it embarked on was setting up two robots to chat with one … Read more

Artificial Intelligence a top priority for Microsoft

Microsoft has announced that AI will be one of its main priorities in the near future, whilst mobile and cloud-first operations will take a back seat. In its annual financial review, Microsoft placed great stock on AI technology, and mentioned it six times in total. By comparison, the term garnered zero mentions in the 2016 … Read more

10 great features you should be using in Office 365

Office 365

When you’ve been using the same Microsoft Office applications for years, it’s easy to stick to the same old habits. But with Office 365, Microsoft is trying to challenge that way that businesses work. So are you a big fan of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher or Outlook? Do you often use Skype for Business, … Read more