Microsoft’s UK datacentres just got a lot more powerful

Microsoft has significantly increased the processing power of its UK datacentres, making it the country’s first hyperscale cloud provider offering virtual machines capable of running graphics-intensive workloads. Announcing this new cloud offering, Microsoft’s Senior Director of Business Strategy, Graham Hill, said the company could now offer unrivalled opportunities for companies of all sizes in the … Read more

Should you reconsider your password policy?

The man who quite literally wrote the book on password security has admitted he may have been “barking up the wrong tree” with his previous advice. Bill Burr published an influential guide on password protection back in 2003, and his advice was quickly established as the gold standard. However, with hindsight (aided by technological advances), … Read more

Beware of Hurricane Harvey charity scams

Online scammers are exploiting the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and other natural disasters to try and make themselves some quick cash. In times of huge crisis, people from around the world donate money to help the worst affected. However, this also brings out the crooks, who prey on people’s generosity for their own ends. This … Read more

Brexit talks to consider free movement of data

It’s not just movement of people under the Brexit microscope, but also the movement of data. This is the result of a new government paper which says the UK will seek new arrangements with the EU to allow information to flow freely between the UK and Europe post-Brexit. British businesses, individuals and law enforcement agencies … Read more