3 Crucial Guidelines for Seamless Office 365 Migration in London

Choosing Office 365 migration in London can be highly beneficial for your growing business. This change will allow you to continue using your essential programs such as Excel, Outlook, Word, and Publisher. However, the new environment will also ensure that your commercial operations are more efficient and flexible. In simple terms, with Office 365, your employees will have access to their work from anywhere. In addition, you will enjoy more security and better synchronicity of documents and data. Here are some guidelines on making a smooth transition to Office 365:

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Integrate Your Solutions

Under ideal circumstances, all the on-premises functions in your commercial operations can be moved to Office 365. However, in real life, things are rarely perfect and neat. You might not be able to transfer everything due to certain limitations. However, this does not mean that there needs to be a collision between your old and new platforms. If you have some applications and programs that you would like to maintain as on-premises solutions, you should consult an IT support provider in London for integration solutions. For instance, you can create a hybrid platform which allows the simultaneous access of both on-premises and cloud services using single sign-on.

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Know the Challenging Areas

Commercial programs and systems with a complex structure can be difficult to migrate smoothly to the new platform. Therefore, when planning for your Office 365 migration in London, you should identify the challenging elements of the transition. For instance, SharePoint Online is a difficult system to migrate because the cloud environment is not similar to the legacy programs used in on-premises platforms. Therefore, synchronising the changes can be quite difficult. It is important to plan for these difficult transitions. You can create thorough reports or documentation on files which will not be automatically synchronised. If you note down details like file names and source locations, you will minimise confusion after the transition.

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Install Suitable Tools and Programs

The migration of large volumes of data can be difficult if your business has limited low bandwidth. Therefore, if your commercial network has low capacity, it is important to look for supporting migration tools. For instance, the migration tools can help you shift the data in small packets, making the migration process shorter and smoother. You should also consider incorporating programs to make the transition less inconvenient. For instance, a file-sharing program is essential because Office 365 cannot send large email attachments.

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