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About Us

Wem Technology – Cloud Services

Our aims are to:
  • Provide reliable cloud services for organisations of all sizes
  • Help resolve frustrating issues quickly and simply with friendly, patient support
  • Provide you with the resources you need to make informed business decisions as and when you need it
All of our Cloud services are located in UK-Sovereign Datacenters, ensuring your data always stays within the UK. Systems are continuously managed and monitored around the clock, helping you get the best out of your critical business applications.  Our UK support teams are based in our own offices to answer any questions and help resolve issues quickly.

5 Reasons to Trust Wem Technology

We are here to help

We know a break in service can be a nightmare for your business so we have technicians ready to resolve your problems immediately. Sometimes, the frustrations can simply be due to staff not being familiar with the system. So, to help your staff get the most out of deployments we provide guidance in addition to the technical service.

Low risk

We understand you might not have the budget for long contracts, especially for short-term projects. Or you may be worried that Cloud may not be a good fit for your business. We offer all services on monthly contracts so if a product or service is no longer required or suitable you can simply give 1 months’ notice to cancel. Your data always is and will always remain yours – no matter what happens.

UK Datacenters - Not bound by the US Patriot Act

Our company and state-of-the-art datacenters are UK-based, so they are not bound by US Patriot Legislation. Our datacenters are highly secure against data theft and hazards such as flooding. We have expert technicians on-site around the clock (every day of the year) so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your business stays on-line.

Friendly, helpful and experienced advice

Our business advisers want to work with you for many years to come. So, there is no point in selling you a service that your business doesn’t need. We aim to give expert advice on what solutions would best suit your company and requirements.

Why pay for spare capacity?

Paying for spare capacity just in case you need it is the old way of doing things. Cloud services give you the tools you need when you need them and you’re only charged for what you use. Our service is fully scalable meaning you have the freedom to start off small, grow when you’re ready or reduce your services when a project is complete. Perfect for business start-ups!
Cloud services also help reduce capital costs in equipment that might become out of date before being used. Talk to us and we’ll be happy to provide some free advice.

Want to know if we could work together successfully?

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