Assessing the Role of Your Cloud Services in London

Once you have committed to a cloud services provider in London, you should assess your cloud infrastructure. Ask yourself a series of questions to find out if the cloud is providing the solutions you originally expected. Here are important questions to ask:

How well is your infrastructure being monitored?

A well-seasoned cloud services provider in London should be able to provide the appropriate business solutions to clients. The service level agreement (SLA) will determine the precise role of the provider and how much they are responsible for maintaining the infrastructure. Decide before committing to a provider how responsible they are for updates and maintenance to your system.

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Do you have sufficient cloud security?

Does your third-party cloud provider handle all or just some of the security to protect your digital assets? In many cases, a cloud provider at a large data centre handles security completely. This management includes making sure that clients meet all their government requirements to protect confidential data. Remember that modern cybersecurity involves using multiple security layers.

Are your customers happy with the support?

If your cloud provider is completely responsible for tech support, then there's no need to hire an in-house IT technician. You still need to make sure your customers are being treated fairly and their issues are being resolved quickly. Ideally, your support team should deal directly with customers when they have technical issues.

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How often do you update your security policies?

In order to beat cybercriminals at their game, you need to constantly sharpen your security policies because hackers are always learning new ways to penetrate systems. You may periodically need to blacklist certain websites that you've discovered are spreading bugs. You may also need to remind employees to strengthen their passwords.

Does the cloud provide solutions to improve your business?

The most important reason why businesses move to the cloud is to cut large upfront costs on hardware and software. By using less computer space, you will be using less energy, which further cuts operational costs. Ultimately, the cloud should help you save on time, energy, and space. It will also help you abandon old machinery such as fax machines and gravitate toward digital solutions.

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With a reliable cloud services provider in London, you will be able to streamline your business to become more productive and efficient. Contact us at WEM Technology to learn more information about how we can help you achieve your business goals in the cloud.