The Attractions of Office 365 Migration in London

Years ago, if we wanted a new piece of music, we had to drive to a music shop, buy an album, and take it home to play it. Today, most TV series and films are available when and where we want them. Now, consider how our businesses handle key software tools. We’ve already said goodbye to stacks of installation floppies. In the most recent revolution, important business applications have migrated online, providing a host of powerful features and benefits. One recent development is Office 365 migration in London, but what is so attractive about it?

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The Benefits of Office 365 are Two-Fold

There are two main areas in which Office 365 is such a powerful development for businesses of all sizes. One is the functionality. The other is the ease with which any business can implement Office 365 migration in London and continue to enjoy the stable, scalable toolset.

The Office 365 Suite (With Bells On!)

If you’ve already used the traditional MS Office suite, you’ll already be familiar with the industry standard collection of powerful tools for desktop publishing, document creation, presentations, spreadsheets (that can and do power some of the biggest businesses on the planets), and a relational database that has long been a cornerstone of application development. Power users in the audience will also be well-versed in the sophistication of MS Outlook.

The rich feature set and powerful scalability of Office has helped drive business for several decades. Often, however, installing, maintaining, and paying for these tools can become a significant burden.

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Eliminate IT Support Headaches

By migrating to Office 365, you can enjoy the power of the world’s favourite Office package, in a format that eliminates many, if not all, of the desktop and server IT support headaches in London that can develop when you depend on locally hosted Office tools.

Office 365 is Hosted for You

Office 365 is hosted for you by a service provider that works in a close partnership with Microsoft. This means you get the power of Microsoft tailored to your needs, without having to worry about supporting the platform.

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Always Up-to-Date

Gone are the days of downtime at desktops and servers while your engineers update the software. Office 365 is always the latest version of the software, ready at your desktop. This alone can for many businesses make the case for Office 365 migration in London. If you’re wondering about other compelling business arguments for migrating, speak to us at Wem Technology today. We’re ready to help you extract the maximum benefit from the latest business tools.