How to Avoid Office 365 Migration Mistakes in London

Office 365 migration in London can be a powerful and liberating project. The advantages for almost any size of business are huge. Making that move can, however, be seen as much easier than it really is. Here are some of the key mistakes to avoid when seeking to exploit the value of managed IT services for providing your key office desktop tools:

Have a Driver

Due to the nature of the MS Office suite and how it is typically seen by many workers, there is a risk that an Office 365 migration project isn’t owned the same way many other corporate projects are. To be successful, your Office 365 migration needs a key driver. Make sure the project has an owner who will push the project through and continue to manage your corporate use of the tools after the initial migration is complete.

It’s Not Just Email

This is another area in which the real power of Office toolset can often be wasted. Seeing Office 365 as little more than email is a great way to waste opportunities. Use your Office 365 as a chance to maximise your organisation’s understanding of the software and widen your benefits from the application’s functionality.

Go In With Your Eyes Open

Office 365 migration in London can often be seen as so simple, anyone can do it. This simplicity can affect migration to managed IT services. Before launching your migration project, ensure you and your team fully understand what is involved and how to ensure your migration can run smoothly. Don’t just assume that it will be straightforward and that everything will work ‘out of the box’.

Focus on Users

This point is related to all of the other points here. Getting your Office 365 migration right requires understanding your users’ needs in terms of their working processes and the functionality that will support their work. Get those requirements, and your implementation of Office 365 right in those terms will go a long way to easing the potential pain of migration.

Be Realistic About the Time and Energy Needed

This is part of having your eyes open on the way in. Do your homework and find out what is really involved in terms of both time and energy to complete your Office 365 migration in London. The overall ease of Office 365 can lure some people into a false sense of ease. Scope this part of the project more realistically, and you’ll enjoy a much smoother migration. Your managed IT services provider can be invaluable with this. To get a better idea of what it might take, get in touch with Wem Technology.