Backup and Disaster Recovery London

Would You Like to Protect Your London Business from Any Possible Disaster, including YOUR USERS?

If you aren't already prepared, you should do so immediately - all it takes is one member of staff to click on something they shouldn't, to risk your data,  your reputation and, ultimately, your business. Backup and Disaster Recovery are essential for every business.

Reliable Backup and Data Loss Protection is essential for:

  1.  Minimising the daily frustrations of retrieving lost or corrupted files
  2. The Business Continuity element of your Disaster Recovery Plan that helps keeps you in business
  3. A cost effective way to minimise the effects of a Ransomware attack.

The primary deployment options for Backup and Disaster Recovery are a server system on premise (Internal) or a Public Cloud (external).

Both present considerable problems for the majority of businesses:

  • Internal server based systems are very expensive to implement and maintain. Requiring large capital costs for hardware upfront and highly skilled expensive engineers to manage, monitor and maintain them.
  • External cloud deployments lack your own direct control of the data centre resources. Then there is always the fear that the external company will go out of business, have a service outage, or a security breach preventing access to your company data.

Datto Local and Cloud Backup (Hybrid backup) cost effective recovery solutions offer organisations a combined approach that provides the best of both worlds. Take advantage of the best elements of both deployment models, and you have an intelligent business continuity strategy.

Local and Cloud Backup

The benefits of Security, Storage, Savings and Virtualisation make the transition to a hybrid cloud solution easier.

Veeam Backup for Office 365

Introducing Veeam Backup for Office 365! Now you can backup your valuable Email, Sharepoint and OneDrive data. Click here to learn more!

Datto Business Continuity

Minimise the downtime of your critical business systems in the event of a disaster.

Azure Site Recovery

Protect your environment by automating the replication of the virtual machines to Microsoft Azure.



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