The Basics of the Dark Web and Why Dark Web Scanning Is Important for Your Business

The dark web is separate from the regular web we all use daily. Think of the dark web as a hidden portion of the internet meant to escape the wide-casting net of search engines and authority. The dark web certainly has its tales, yet all is not negative with this alternative to the traditional web. One thing is for sure, your company should get dark web scanning services performed by the best IT companies in London.

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The Dark Web's Marketplace

The dark web is sometimes used as a black market of sorts. Drug dealers, hackers and other criminals sell their services and product through the dark web. Thankfully, law enforcement has been cracking down on dark web sites, making these back channels of the web somewhat safer. However, the attack on dark web miscreants is also paving the way for third-party operators to open up shop. The bottom line is transactions on the dark web cannot be trusted. In fact, many of the items sold on the dark web are knockoff drugs and other imitations that have the potential to prove dangerous.

The Dark Web Is Not All Bad

Those who have only heard of the dark web in passing tend to assume it is an online avenue for illegal activity. However, the dark web has a lighter side. Use the dark web and you will be able to do everything from sharing recipes to emailing, reading online texts and so on. Some opt for the dark web as there is minimal or no surveillance/tracking compared to the regular web. In other cases, people flock to the dark web simply because it is something different from the norm.

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The dark web even features news outlets. Any news agency looking to reach those who live in countries with open web censorship can use the dark web as an alternative source of information. This is precisely why the New York Times, Anonymous and other groups have turned to the dark web for additional online exposure. Needless to say, some dark web participants are not exactly the most law-abiding, so it makes sense to conduct dark web scanning with regularity.

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Invite Only?

In some cases, access to the dark web is limited to invitation only. Those who are not vetted do not enjoy access to specific dark web groups. In most cases, only those with a criminal background receive such a dark web invite. When in doubt, do not risk the exposure of your information.

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