The Benefits and Risks of Keeping Technology On-Premises or Moving Them to the Cloud

Every business has heard of the cloud even if yours hasn’t actually taken advantage of it yet, but is moving from having your technology on-premises to managed by an IT services provider in London the right choice for all companies? There are a number of benefits, but you should also factor in the risks, as there are some situations where moving systems to the cloud would be impractical or ill-advised.

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Some Benefits of Using the Cloud

If you are thinking of using managed IT services in London to look after the move of your infrastructure to the cloud, it will invariably vastly reduce your day-to-day operating costs. The actual figures would have to be calculated depending on how much of your system would be transferred, but it can reduce costs related to the hardware and software that are required to run your IT as well as the staff to maintain and support it.

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It will also limit the cost associated with disaster recovery as the cloud generally has a comprehensive plan for this which negates the need for a secondary data centre and gives you far greater control over your data and resources. If you expect your business to expand in any way this will include increased traffic. The easiest way to cope with this is by using the completely scalable cloud as you will only pay for what you use which can be increased as and when you require it.

Risks to Be Aware Of

Moving away from having all your technology on-premises can be a tricky decision, made more so if the data you hold is particularly sensitive or your industry has restrictive compliance requirements. In these cases, it may not be possible to move them to the cloud even with the many benefits it offers.

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If your company is expected to remain at its current size with no additional traffic or extra customers, it may be sensible to maintain the status quo and keep everything as it is. If it all works at the moment with your customers as satisfied as they could be, moving over to a more modern methodology may be a riskier concept.

The decision to move your business to the cloud or keep it as is can seem overwhelming. If you want to make sure you are making the right decision for you, you need to get in touch with a managed IT services provider in London for more information on whether keeping technology on-premises is a good idea or not. Contact us at Wem Technology and you can talk to our IT experts to find out more about your choices.