The Benefits of Managed Services vs. Break/Fix London IT Companies

Having a current and optimised IT system is crucial in business. Your company also needs to be able to deal with hardware, software, and network breakages and disruptions as quickly as possible. This allows you to conduct your various business operations and serve your customers on time. When you face different IT challenges, you need a company that has experienced staff and can provide ready assistance. There are many different London IT companies providing such services. The managed IT services model and the break/fix model are two options you have to decide between when it comes to IT services for your business.

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Defining the Two Models

Both managed IT service and break/fix IT service companies provide IT solutions to businesses that require them, but there is a fundamental difference in how this is done. Break/fix services offer solutions when you run into a hardware issue or system disruption. They are available to solve your IT problems when they occur.

On the other hand, London IT companies that offer managed IT services are more about providing ongoing support for all your IT needs. They can also fix your system when it breaks, but they do much more than that. They can provide different services such as installations, security, monitoring, and IT planning and consulting.

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Comparing the Cost and Level of Support

A very important comparison to consider is the cost. Break/fix services charge to fix your systems when they break, while managed services usually charge on a monthly subscription service. Break/fix services usually work out much more expensive. With managed services, the regular charge that your company must pay is usually quite affordable even for small businesses.

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Another important comparison is the level of support provided. Break/fix services are primarily reactive, while managed services provide ongoing support that is highly proactive. By keeping your IT systems secure and having up-to-date software and backups in place, you can avoid many IT issues later on. This also means that you can form an ongoing business relationship with your managed services provider.

Managed IT services from London IT companies are a great option for a business looking to have optimised IT systems and to stay ahead of the game in terms of cybersecurity and IT business solutions. At Wem Technology, we offer a wide range of managed IT services to help you conduct your business better. Contact us to learn more about our various products and services.