Benefits of Office 365 Migration in London

Modern IT practices help you enjoy numerous benefits such as increased flexibility, cheaper IT services, and reduced complexity of overall IT infrastructure. These benefits have led to many businesses upgrading their email servers from Exchange Servers to Office 365. Office 365 migration in London has changed the way many businesses operate. If wondering whether to migrate to office 365, these benefits should make it easy for you to make the decision:

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Increased Flexibility

Moving to the cloud makes it possible for your employee to access company files from anywhere, anytime as long they have an internet connection. Adopting Office 365 means that you won’t need setting up VPNs and hence helps save a lot of time. This whole move increases the working flexibility for your employees, hence increasing their productivity.

Office 365 migration in London also ensures that all your data is located in a centralised Microsoft data centre. In case you make changes to a file, your employees will access the more up-to-date document. This takes care of the need to start emailing your staff various versions of the edited document.

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Enhanced Data Security

Office 365 has features such as SSL/TLS encryption that ensures your business data is always safe in the cloud. This type of encryption ensures that if an unauthorised person accesses a file, then he won’t be able to read it. In addition, Microsoft is always carrying out regular system check-ups to help detect any suspicious activities. In addition to these security measures, Office 365 also offers updated antivirus, anti-spam filtering software on emails, and computing security measures from Microsoft.

Regular Upgrades

As a measure to ensure your business is always secure in the cloud, Microsoft provides regular upgrades that provide new features. Those regular updates ensure that you don’t have to regularly engage in manual updates. Having these regular updates ensures that your business is secured from people who exploit older software versions. In addition, these upgrades give you access to new features, hence your employees can use new technology which helps reduce workload, leading to increased productivity.

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Increased Availability and Redundancy

By using Office 365, you get to enjoy the benefit of increased availability and redundancy of huge mailboxes, public cloud, calendars, instant messaging services, and the ability to share mailboxes.

You can join many other happy business owners who have embraced Office 365 migration in London who rest assured that their businesses are safe. Wem Technology is one of the IT companies in London that can help your business with migrating from traditional infrastructure to modern Office 365. For more information, feel free to contact us!