Benefits of Using the Cloud Instead of Keeping Technology On-Premises

Most companies begin with having all their technology on-premises. At the inception of a business when a company is small and has few employees, it makes sense to have the limited amount of hardware that you require on-site within your offices. However, as soon as a company is successful and begins to grow, it can be tricky to keep up with the increased technical considerations required in order to keep up with your competitors. But what exactly are the benefits of moving to the cloud?

Cash Savings

As well as the initial upfront costs, keeping hardware and other technology on-premises requires continual maintenance and support. Even with the best will in the world hardware will at some point break down, but it will be the supporting systems that determine how great an effect that will have on your company. The cloud is monitored very closely and runs duplicate systems so that if there were any problem with any part of it, your infrastructure would still be accessible.

Disaster Recovery

If you have your IT infrastructure based in your offices and they are hit by a natural disaster, theft or your hardware simply breaks, your company is at risk. Hosting your systems on the cloud means they are accessible whatever happens to your office buildings.


As well as being able to use the cloud for a standard monthly fee, it is possible to increase or decrease the amount of space you need to use depending on your requirements. If you are expanding fast, you can just pay for more as and when you need it. You no longer have to guess your needs in the future and budget accordingly, you will be able to use exactly how much you need when you need it.

Remote Working and Flexibility

If you have employees who regularly travel to customers, they will be able to use your IT systems wherever they are as long as they have an internet connection. This creates a better impression for your clients and saves time for your employees.

Managed IT services providers in London are fully conversant with the cloud and the benefits it can have for a number of different businesses in a wide variety of industries. If you think that changing your technology from an on-premises model to one utilising the cloud might be the advantage you need to push you past your competitors, you should call an experienced company like us at Wem Technology. Contact us today so that you can discuss your options with our specialised IT staff and find the best way to move your company forward with the technology you deserve.