Boost Your Password Security with the Help of a Managed Service Provider in London

You might be surprised as to how many people use “ABCDEFG” or “123456” as a password. Though the chances are fairly low someone will attempt to impersonate you and log in with your credentials, a single digital security breach can result in a significant financial setback. Follow the advice detailed below by a managed service provider (MSP) in London to ensure your passwords are complex enough to prevent a digital intrusion:

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Common Password Pitfalls

A considerable number of people rely on extremely simple passwords for work computers and programs. Most argue they find it difficult to remember lengthy passwords they were instructed to use. Some have been locked out of accounts after failing to properly enter their detailed password down to the letter. Some simply do not want to change their password after using it for years. After all, it takes some time and effort to come up with a complex password, write it down and make the change.

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Do not use a string of letters or numbers in a row as shown above. It is also a mistake to use a word in the dictionary. Hackers have a number of high-tech tools at their disposal to crack passwords so a plain English word will not suffice. Finally, do not use the same password on multiple systems/sites as cracking that single code provides access to sensitive data.

Strengthen Your Passwords As Well As Your Digital Security

If you are suspicious your password is too simple or if you question your password practices, it is time to take action. Password length is of the utmost importance. Consider using a phrase from your favourite movie or book. Cyber thieves find it awfully challenging to guess such passwords with automated tools. If your web browser is programmed to suggest a strong password, go ahead and use it. Once you have a strong password, you will enjoy an invaluable peace of mind, knowing this sequence of numbers and letters will prevent digital intrusions.

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Consider Using Password Management Software

Password management software such as KeePass and Bitwarden keep track of your passwords, making the login process that much easier. If you are hesitant to use these programs, don't fret; a managed service provider in London can help you assimilate to the nuances of your selected password management software. These programs do not store passwords in regular text to prevent access via devices or the web.

If you are concerned about the security of your passwords and network, a managed service provider in London like Wem Technology can help you. If you need help with network security, cloud services, backup and disaster recovery, data migration services and general IT support, we've got you covered. Reach out to us!