Business Benefits of an Office 365 Migration in London

A well-structured and well-managed means of handling your business platforms and data can have huge benefits for your overall productivity. Many companies have completed an Office 365 migration in London because of the great advantages it brings to their operations. The process may be complex depending on the size of your business and systems, but with the help of our London IT support team, you can leave it to the experts.

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Key Benefits of Using Office 365

There are many different reasons to go through this system change. Here are the main ones:

  • Cloud-based - Office 365 is completely cloud-based. This means it’s easy to access, and it facilitates remote work.
  • Efficient and seamless - When you opt for an Office 365 migration in London, we can synchronise all your platforms and documents for better collaboration. Your Microsoft Office programs are also included in this seamless system. All your intra-company communications become more efficient. With password protection, they are also secure.
  • Easy to use and scale - New systems mean new ways of doing things and the need for lots and lots of training and support. Office 365 was designed with ease of use in mind. Further, when it’s time to grow or downsize your use of Office 365, scaling is not complex. We can assist you with the package that is perfect for you.

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Getting the Help You Need

If you are interested in getting started with Office 365, you might be concerned about the cost of the package and the IT expertise you have to have. As a London IT support provider, we can work with you to select the right package and type of migration that suits your current scale of business. You don’t need to have your own in-house team, because we can handle the migration, management, and any needed training for you.

There are three different options for how to go about the migration. To move all your mailboxes and contacts at once, for up to 2,000 contacts, you can opt for the cut-over migration. If you want to move in batches over a longer period, the staged migration is ideal. For larger companies with their own server, consider a hybrid migration.

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At Wem Technology, we offer IT support services, including Office 365 migration in London. We have worked with many businesses and understand the need for an effective and secure system to collaborate. Get in touch with us to migrate to a better business system. Move your business to Office 365!