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Maintaining your services following a disruptive incident.

The average downtime for an SME is 27 hours per year (Computing Magazine). A Continuity Solution can pay for itself for 3 years by preventing just one day of downtime.

It is important to differentiate between backup and Business Continuity (BC).
While traditional backup solutions allow a business to survive after data loss, by providing data recovery, business continuity solutions enable you to operate as if the data was never lost in the first place. Backup typically relieves the frustration of a lost or damaged file and provides a 12-24 hour old copy of your data that needs to be installed on a new server. Building the new server ready to take your data may take many hours. Simple backup solutions are capable of protecting against data loss, but not against downtime. When a business experiences downtime it loses productivity, its ability to communicate, and most importantly its customers.

When considering any backup solution it is important to assess two key metrics. The first is RPO, or Recovery Point Objective. This figure represents how much data your business can afford to lose following an incident. For example, if you utilise a backup solution with an RPO of 1 hour, a backup can be taken once an hour. With this solution, you are comfortable with sacrificing up to an hour of data in the event of an outage. Both business continuity and traditional backup solutions can both provide good RPOs, with some Business Continuity solutions achieving RPOs of up to 5 minutes.

Where Datto Business Continuity truly differentiates itself is with the Recovery Time Objective, or RTO. RTO represents the minimum time your business can afford to be unable to service your customers through lack of critical systems and data. This is an essential figure to know, because even though data is backed up and secured from loss, a business cannot function properly until the data is recovered. True business continuity solutions can provide RTOs of just seconds. This is far superior to the weeks it can take to download large files from cloud online services, or the hours that it takes to recover entire systems.

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