Why Your Business Needs Firewall Auditing Through a Managed Services Provider in London

Every business, regardless of type, size or years of operation, must protect its information. Companies use all sorts of digital safeguards, ranging from firewalls to malware protection and beyond. Physical protection is also necessary if data is stored on-site. However, there is a growing emphasis on digital security as we transition to a tech-centric society. Firewalls and their regular auditing performed by a managed services provider (MSP) in London are especially important for data protection.

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The Importance of Firewalls

Data that flows to and from the network has the potential to be malicious. If your business is not yet monitoring the flow of data, it is time to start. Security guards, CCTVs and other traditional security methods will not suffice when it comes to data security. Firewalls are essential to protecting your information, maintaining your reputation and serving clients. Firewalls rely on rule-pattern to identify unauthorised traffic and signature-pattern to pinpoint malicious payloads. If the malicious payload pattern continues to evolve, signatures must be updated.

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The number of rules can change in a firewall, yet it is not possible to alter the rule pattern. The rules of the firewall must be properly managed and defined. After all, one mistake in terms of rule management has the potential to put the entire company network at risk. Hackers and cybercriminals are on the prowl for such errors. Once a hacker has entered the network, the extent of the damage is nearly unlimited.

It Is Time to Change the Way We Think About Digital Security

The moral of this story is digital security is more of a process, as opposed to a single product that can be purchased. Sadly, a considerable number of business owners and managers assume they can purchase a product for digital security and be set for posterity. In reality, digital security is a life-long process. Updates, alterations, corrections, and audits are necessary. As an example, when a firewall is installed, everything from the server configuration to the operating system and network must be tended to in-depth.

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Firewalls are incomplete without rule sets. Merely installing a firewall on the system will not suffice. The operating system and server require patching at specific times following the firewall's installation. Though rule sets are important, there is no need to monitor them more than any other components of firewalls as the rule count increases from the initial day of installation. When in doubt, rely on a managed services provider in London as it only takes one mistake in rule set management at the wrong time to put the entire network at risk.

A managed services provider in London like Wem Technology is ready to help you with everything firewall-related. If you are in need of assistance with IT, digital security, employee cybersecurity training, data recovery or other tech challenges, we can help. For more information, get in touch!