Business Value in Dark Web Scanning

Don’t fear the dark web, understand it and be prepared to guard your business against cybercrime with dark web scanning. Some readers may have heard of the dark web and a few may even have had the chance to peer into it. But what is the dark web, why does it exist, and how can a managed services provider (MSP) help your organisation stay safe?

What Exactly is the Dark Web?

The dark web enjoys that catchy sobriquet largely because so few people know what it is. However, it is technically considered ‘dark’ because it is hidden from the view of regular web users. You can’t access it using a normal web browser.

Accessing the dark web requires using tools like Tor and Onion. Tor and Onion tools implement anonymised, encrypted connections, creating networks that bounce between users. They obfuscate the origins and identities of both users of the dark web and the servers they are accessing.

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Are They All Dangerous?

Well, actually, these systems were originally created in order to safeguard democracy. Agents of the US government used them to avoid detection while working to combat enemies of the USA. They also provide a way for underground movements under oppressive regimes to protect against anti-democratic dangers.

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The Criminal Element

However, the dark web also provides a way for criminals of many different types to ply their trade, and this is where dark web scanning comes in useful. Hackers discuss new ways to break into IT systems. Cybercriminals who have breached systems use the dark web to offer their stolen data for sale. You can prevent this from happening by employing a managed IT services provider in London with the right skills. You can be alerted when your systems are threatened. You can also find out if some of your data is being peddled to the highest bidder. This allows you to take remedial action, perhaps winning back control of that data and neutralising a dangerous situation.

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It's Not All Dark and Bad

So you see, the dark web isn’t necessarily all bad. It has its important benefits for freedom and safety. Where the dark web is actually being used for nefarious purposes, you can at least take informed steps to inject more light and awareness into your own state of IT security.

Step into the light with dark web scanning. By hiring experts with the required tools and skill sets, you can make the most of the dark web. At Wem Technology, we can help you learn more about the dark web and keep your business safe. Get in touch today.