Can IT Support in London Help You Prevent Data Breaches?

With almost every business online in some way or another, IT support companies in London warn that it can be very easy for cybercriminals to infiltrate exactly where they want if the controls are not there to prevent them. Their way in could be through malware, ineffective security measures, stolen or weak passwords or even the theft of a mobile device or laptop. The important thing is to make sure that your company is protected as securely as you can manage, and there are a number of ways this can be done.

Educate Your Employees

Unfortunately, employees are often the weakest link targeted by hackers and criminals. They must be made aware of the possibility of phishing emails and the importance of not clicking on any unconfirmed links. It can be very easy to be taken in by fake emails, but once they know what to look out for it makes it harder for the hackers to fool them. They should also be aware of limiting the sharing of data and documents in case these are intercepted along the way. You can help with this by restricting this type of access to a small number of trusted senior employees.

Your staff should also be aware of the importance of strong passwords which are frequently changed. The same password should never be shared amongst a number of logins, and this is particularly true if these are not work-related. Without being able to check the security aspects of external sites you cannot be sure that their measures will prevent an incursion. And if the same password is used on your systems as well, it puts you at risk.

Protect Your Systems

You should always apply patches and software updates as soon as you receive them. They are issued usually in response to vulnerabilities that have already been exploited by a hacker, so the sooner you can protect yourself the better. It goes without saying that you should have firewalls in place and be running antivirus programs, but monitoring software can also be deployed by IT support companies in London to give you that extra confidence that nothing untoward is happening on your systems. The monitoring programs will continually check your software and provide alerts if there are any issues such as component failures or security problems.

If you are worried in any way about your company being at risk from cybercriminals, get in touch with an IT support company in London like Wem Technology. Contact us today as we are experienced in data security and can advise you on best practices and the ideal way to protect yourself and your company.