When ‘send to all’ landed a mail server in A&E

There’s a good reason why businesses rely on email providers such as MailChimp to send high volume broadcasts and this became obvious to one worker last month who inadvertently crashed the entire NHS mail system. A test email sent to all 1.2 million NHS staff managed to bring down the email system for hours, causing … Read moreWhen ‘send to all’ landed a mail server in A&E

More than 60 million Dropbox accounts ‘stolen’

Online cloud storage company Dropbox has revealed that the details of more than 60 million accounts were stolen in a previously announced breach. The company confirmed it forced password changes for a number of accounts following the breach. The announcement highlights the ongoing risk to cloud-based services and the need for constant vigilance. The sheer size of the recent … Read moreMore than 60 million Dropbox accounts ‘stolen’

Galaxy Note 7 sales stopped due to explosions

Samsung has stopped selling its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, just weeks after its launch, following 35 cases of exploding batteries. Buyers of the phone have been posting videos and photos showing the device with melted screens and battery packs, reporting that it just caught fire while charging. More than a million Note 7 phones have been sold … Read moreGalaxy Note 7 sales stopped due to explosions

Pan-European project tackles ‘exponential’ rise in ransomware

It’s clear from recent headlines that ransomware is a growing problem. The number of reported incidents is rising and the reason why is simple – people and businesses are paying their attackers. There is help on hand, though. ‘No More Ransom’ is a pan-European project dedicated to helping ransomware victims, so they can get their … Read morePan-European project tackles ‘exponential’ rise in ransomware

The IT guy who shut down 90% of his network on purpose

Sometimes, the biggest threat to a business lies within – that’s the lesson that Citibank learnt when a disgruntled employee managed to shut down 90 per cent of its US network. Lennon Ray Brown, who worked full-time for Citibank, was recently found guilty of causing intentional damage of a protected computer. According to the court … Read moreThe IT guy who shut down 90% of his network on purpose

Ransomware works – that’s why criminals continue to use it

Ransomware is still highly popular amongst cybercriminals, because users continue to fall into their not-so-carefully-crafted traps. Security researchers discover more than 100,000 new malware variants every single day – indeed, it can be difficult to keep up. However, it seems that all this innovation is going to waste, as users are still vulnerable to the … Read moreRansomware works – that’s why criminals continue to use it

The Ultimate Disaster Recovery Checklist

How to keep you head amidst an IT disaster (in 6 easy steps) When it comes to data backup and disaster recovery (BDR), being prepared for a potential disaster is vital to keeping your business up and running. But in order to establish a disaster recovery solution you can trust, you must test it regularly … Read moreThe Ultimate Disaster Recovery Checklist

Data Backup Options

Here are the 3 types of data backup options with a summary comparison table and infographic to help you choose which would suit your business. Traditional Local Backup In its simplest form, local backups are copies of information from a source such as a computer system hard drive to a destination such as a USB … Read moreData Backup Options

TalkTalk communication fiasco

October 2015 saw one of the most high-profile corporate cyber-attacks ever, although this incident may be remembered as much for the ineptitude of the public relations that followed as for the breach itself. Indeed several weeks after TalkTalk suffered one of the most significant hacks in recent memory, the company had still not offered its … Read moreTalkTalk communication fiasco