Should you reconsider your password policy?

The man who quite literally wrote the book on password security has admitted he may have been “barking up the wrong tree” with his previous advice. Bill Burr published an influential guide on password protection back in 2003, and his advice was quickly established as the gold standard. However, with hindsight (aided by technological advances), … Read moreShould you reconsider your password policy?

Mac attack could have been going on for years

Apple Mac devices may have been unwittingly harbouring malware for years, without it ever being detected by antivirus software. An ex-NSA hacker has discovered a mysterious piece of software on Mac devices that he described as “unique” and “intriguing”. It’s thought the malware is a strain of ‘FruitFly’, which has been infecting systems for nearly … Read moreMac attack could have been going on for years

Smart TV: the spy in your home?

The US Federal Trade Commission has found that one of the leading manufacturers of smart televisions recorded users’ viewing data without their explicit permission. So is Big Brother watching you? Orwell’s sinister suspicion is nearly 70 years old, but our reasons to be fearful keep on growing – not just from a super-state, but blackmailers, … Read moreSmart TV: the spy in your home?

DIY Ransomware for criminal wannabes

Criminals no longer need to risk having their collar felt while climbing out of someone’s window – they can simply get hold of some ready-made ransomware designed to help them commit fraud. Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) is a growing industry, as an army of hackers and coders operating on the dark web offer an array of tools. … Read moreDIY Ransomware for criminal wannabes

Look out for seasonal malware that you didn’t order

It’s that time of year when a deluge of new malware attacks try to lure you in with infected email attachments in messages which purport to be from legitimate companies – the types of companies you would expect to be emailing you at this time of year. Amazon appears to be the worst culprit right … Read moreLook out for seasonal malware that you didn’t order

Tumblr hack actually affected 65 million users

The full extent of Tumblr’s 2013 hack has finally been revealed – with more than 65 million accounts thought to have been impacted. Hackers targeted Tumblr some three years ago, eventually getting access to email addresses with salted and hashed passwords. At the time Tumblr admitted that there had been a breach, but was noticeably … Read moreTumblr hack actually affected 65 million users

How safe is your password?

Despite most of us knowing what constitutes a good, secure password, too few of us are actually applying this knowledge when we create new accounts. Countless studies have shown that many Brits still use ‘password’ or ‘123456’ to lock their accounts. Even when diverting from these easy-to-crack passwords, many of us stick with obvious words … Read moreHow safe is your password?

Cybercriminals target UK bank accounts

The UK is the best market for cyber criminals to hack into online banking accounts or steal valuable information, a data analyst has claimed. Security consultant at Trend Micro, Bharat Mistry, has mapped the global trends for cyber crime to identify the areas where certain activities are most prevalent. Interestingly, these shine a mirror onto … Read moreCybercriminals target UK bank accounts

Stay safe online – reduce your reliance on passwords today

It’s quite hard to believe, but a recent study found the average UK consumer to have a whopping 118 different accounts registered online. That includes social media profiles as well as accounts with e-retailers, gaming services, email providers and even banks. For each one of these accounts, you probably have a username and a password; … Read moreStay safe online – reduce your reliance on passwords today

Government presses on with controversial spying law

Every web user in the UK will have their browsing history stored and made available to the police and security services, if home secretary Theresa May’s controversial new laws are approved by parliament. The so-called Draft Investigatory Powers Bill would see the sites – but not individual pages – that every single UK web user … Read moreGovernment presses on with controversial spying law