The Truth About the Dark Web and the Need for Dark Web Scanning

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There are plenty of misconceptions about the dark web. It is best to think of the dark web as a concealed web network rather than a tangible place. Though the dark web certainly relies on specialised resources, it is available to just about everyone. Unfortunately, criminals flock to the dark web as it provides a … Read more

How to Protect Your Business with Dark Web Scanning

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Businesses should be aware of dark web scanning as a solution to protect against cybercriminals. The dark web is where hackers pursue malicious goals, many times against vulnerable enterprises. Here’s a look at the darkest, most hidden parts of the internet where cybercrime takes place and the concerns your business should have about them. Related: … Read more

What Is in the Dark Web and Why Should Your Business Consider Dark Web Scanning?

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If you’re concerned that your organisation’s confidential data ended up in the dark web, you might want to consider dark web scanning, a service offered by some London IT support companies as part of their security solutions. This specific service entails searching the dark web for clients’ information to check if it’s being used for … Read more

The Basics of the Dark Web and Why Dark Web Scanning Is Important for Your Business

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The dark web is separate from the regular web we all use daily. Think of the dark web as a hidden portion of the internet meant to escape the wide-casting net of search engines and authority. The dark web certainly has its tales, yet all is not negative with this alternative to the traditional web. … Read more

A New Forensic Approach Is Necessary for Effective Dark Web Scanning and Policing

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Crime has evolved (or should we say devolved) to nefarious actions taken on the dark web. The worst part about the dark web is the actors who use this technology for illegal purposes are completely anonymous. The question begs: how are the authorities supposed to nab dark web criminals when this platform is completely anonymous? … Read more

The Importance of Dark Web Scanning

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London IT companies understand the importance of dark web scanning, yet the average business owner/manager is understandably ignorant about this aspect of tech. The dark web is a network of miscreants hell-bent on pilfering valuable data, selling illegal items and creating general upheaval. This network is powered and accessed with highly unique security tools. It … Read more

Dark Web Scanning Is Quickly Becoming an Important Cybersecurity Tool

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The dark web should worry every single business owner and manager regardless of their company’s niche or location. The dark web is a digital hub for data pilfered from corporate servers. It takes less than $20 to purchase computer logins on the dark web. Spend $1,000 and you can obtain an individual’s full identity including … Read more

The Difference Between the Dark Web and the Deep Web, and Why a Dark Web Scan Is Important

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Most people have heard about the dark web in passing, yet they do not fully understand what it actually is. Complicating matters is the fact that a deep web also exists. Let’s take a look at how the dark web differs from the deep web and why you must consider a dark web scan for … Read more

How You Can Use Dark Web Scanning to Keep Your Data Safer

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For the vast majority of internet users, the dark web is a completely unknown entity. However, for cybercriminals, the dark web is a gold mine of valuable data for sale. It’s easier than ever to commit fraud by purchasing information on the dark web, and this can pose a huge risk for your business. It’s … Read more

Security in Scanning: How the Dark Web Scan Can Protect Your Data

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The dark web is that part of the internet where a lot of illegal activities are going on, which is why an increasing number of individuals and organisations want to use a dark web scan. But do you really need it? Read more: What Is Dark Web Scanning?   What the Dark Web Really Is … Read more