Windows 10 gets a glowing report

Windows 10 is getting faster and more stable – at least according to Microsoft’s own figures. The company continually monitors the performance of its operating systems, to provide its strategists with the best, real-world data with which to influence future decisions. These most recent efforts have given both shareholders and users alike plenty to smile … Read more

Brexit talks to consider free movement of data

It’s not just movement of people under the Brexit microscope, but also the movement of data. This is the result of a new government paper which says the UK will seek new arrangements with the EU to allow information to flow freely between the UK and Europe post-Brexit. British businesses, individuals and law enforcement agencies … Read more

Artificial Intelligence a top priority for Microsoft

Microsoft has announced that AI will be one of its main priorities in the near future, whilst mobile and cloud-first operations will take a back seat. In its annual financial review, Microsoft placed great stock on AI technology, and mentioned it six times in total. By comparison, the term garnered zero mentions in the 2016 … Read more

New small business apps headed for Office 365

Office 365

Small businesses may soon find it easier to be discovered, market to customers and get paid quickly, thanks to a new raft of features being added to Office 365 Business Premium. Microsoft has unveiled three new apps (Connections, Listings and Invoicing), to better serve the needs of its modern small business users. Connections, it says, … Read more

Microsoft to streamline its business offering

Office 365 and Windows 10 may not be available to business users for much longer, at least in their current guise, after Microsoft announced plans to change the way it packages products. Consumer research has revealed to Microsoft that some business users feel the current offering to be too disjointed. They reported feeling like the … Read more

Technology is killing off traditional skills – but is that such a bad thing?

It’s common knowledge that technology has revolutionised the way we live our lives – but could it also be impacting the way our brains work? After all, with nearly everyone in the country owning a smartphone (replete with more space for contacts than anyone would ever be likely to fill), we no longer need to … Read more

Office 365’s deskless worker package expands with new features

Microsoft has announced an expansion to its Office 365 Enterprise K1 plan, to offer frontline staff a significant functionality increase. PowerApps and Flow, Skype for Business, StaffHub, Teams and Office 365 Video will all be making their way across to K1 (the K representing ‘Kiosk’) – though Microsoft has been coy on when exactly the … Read more

Why cloud computing is great for start-ups

Based on 2017 statistics from The Cloud Industry Forum, 82% of start-ups are now making use of at least one cloud computing service, compared with just 54% in 2016. Furthermore, around 70% will increase their use of the cloud in the next year, and 8% have moved their IT component exclusively to the cloud. Statistics … Read more