How to customise Word’s spell check and AutoCorrect

Those green and red squiggly lines proposed by Microsoft Word provide a useful way to keep an eye on your spelling and grammar. But what if you meant to type a word in a certain way? Then, this feature can be just plain annoying. So did you know you can adjust the auto-correction settings in … Read more

3 Excel tips you probably didn’t know

This month’s tips and tricks article is a challenge to power users of Excel – three useful shortcuts that you probably didn’t know before. Transpose data from a row to a column Sometimes, after you’ve already spent a lot of time laying out a new spreadsheet, you discover that the column headings you chose may … Read more

Android reaches the 10-year milestone

One of Google’s most successful products, the Android operating system, turned a decade old on 5 November 2017. During this time, Android surpassed even Google’s high expectations and has gone on to become the most popular operating system on the planet. In fact, Android didn’t just beat Google’s aspirations – it obliterated them. “We hope thousands of … Read more

10 great features you should be using in Office 365

Office 365

When you’ve been using the same Microsoft Office applications for years, it’s easy to stick to the same old habits. But with Office 365, Microsoft is trying to challenge that way that businesses work. So are you a big fan of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher or Outlook? Do you often use Skype for Business, … Read more

Why do phone batteries drain so quickly in warm weather?

Whilst many of us Brits look forward to summertime – with its warmer weather and lighter evenings – it’s not quite such a happy time for our technology. Smartphones, in particular, are notorious for suffering during these hot spells; slowing down, overheating and draining battery very quickly. So why does this happen? Firstly, it’s worth … Read more

3 forgotten (but still useful) tips for Microsoft Word

Many Microsoft Word shortcuts and commands have been sitting on the shelf gathering dust over the years, but plenty of them are still useful to those who remember them. These 3 handy tricks – that some may have forgotten – apply to any version beyond Word 2007. Spike it Most users are familiar with the … Read more

Why it’s a good idea to clear your browser history and cookies

Don’t let the friendly website notifications about cookies fool you – it’s a good idea to delete them (and your browser history too). Though cookies allow web browsers to load frequently-visited pages a lot quicker, they can pose a real security threat – as Yahoo discovered just a year or so ago. The incident saw … Read more

Lies, damned lies and laptop battery life

HP and Dell could find themselves embroiled in a scandal over battery life, after it emerged the two tech giants may have grossly overstated the power of their laptop devices. Consumer champion Which? tested the average battery life of 67 laptops from some of the industry’s biggest names, to discover whether they matched the claims … Read more