10 Tips to Stay Safe and Productive While Working from Home

Working from home

The convenience of the digital age keeps us operating and connected. Even as the pandemic has stalled large parts of daily life, an abundance of business and communication continues to persist. Technology provides a workplace at our fingertips. It’s instantaneous, global — and comes with its own set of drawbacks and security challenges. More and … Read more

Our London IT Consulting Team Can Help You Avoid DealPly and Other Digital Threats

London IT consulting

Malware is a direct threat to your computers and your enterprise as a whole. In particular, DealPly adware is wreaking havoc at businesses across the land by evading detection while abusing Microsoft and McAfee. Our London IT consulting team is here to help you prevent a setback due to DealPly or any other type of … Read more

London IT Consulting: The Importance of Having a Data Backup Solution

London IT consulting

It doesn’t matter what industry your business operates in; data is the lifeblood of business. Whether you are trading in goods or services, it’s highly probable that you must store and keep track of important data sets. This could be customer information, banking details, and business performance metrics. Having a foolproof data backup solution is … Read more

Set Up VoIP with London IT Consulting

London IT consulting, London IT support

Many businesses hire a London IT consulting firm to help them set up technology that increases efficiency, such as VoIP. As a cloud-based internet phone service, VoIP cuts costs significantly using less hardware. Here are the steps your IT firm will need to take to ensure that your VoIP system is secure and allows for … Read more

Our London IT Consulting Team Can Help You Understand and Prevent Cryptojacking Attack

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Cyrptojacking is making waves in the cybersecurity community for good reason: this web-based hacking mines digital currencies used on unauthorised devices. What makes cryptojacking so unique is the fact that the attacks are concealed so victims might not notice their devices have been compromised. Hackers place their script on multiple devices as mining mandates considerable … Read more

Experiencing These 6 Signs of Malware? Time to Subscribe to London IT Consulting Services!

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Malware is a threat which London IT consulting firms have been trying to combat since it came to be. More often than not, they’re successful at keeping attacks at bay. Nevertheless, malware does get through every now and then mostly due to human error, so the next course of action is to minimise the damage … Read more

London IT Consulting: The Truth about Data Recovery and Business Continuity for SMBs

London IT consulting

When you are running a small or midsized business (SMB), you are probably primarily focused on how to grow your business. To do this, however, you need a reliable network and computing system. This, in turn, requires strong data recovery and business continuity planning. The reason for this is that a business disaster can happen … Read more

Why Security Should Be the Focus of Your London IT Consulting Provider

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Many companies in the UK opt for London IT consulting for practical reasons — to reduce operational costs, automate paper-based processes, improve employees’ mobility, or accommodate abrupt growth in demand, just to name a few. In turn, most providers are eager to provide their services, giving companies the freedom to choose from a wide selection. … Read more

London IT Consulting: The Power of Hosted Virtual Desktops

London IT consulting, London IT support

If you’re looking for ways to further leverage your outsourced London IT consulting team, then you may want to consider a hosted virtual desktop (HVD), also referred to as cloud-hosted virtual desktop, and also desktop as a service (DaaS). In HVD, users access apps and databases on a cloud provider’s remote servers instead of accessing … Read more

How London IT Consulting Enhances BYOD Policies

London IT consulting

Several businesses are now based on the economical business model of mixing bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies with London IT consulting. The more you allow workers to bring their own devices, the less your company needs to invest in hardware and all the costs that go with it. Here are reasons to follow this lean business model, … Read more