How to customise Word’s spell check and AutoCorrect

Those green and red squiggly lines proposed by Microsoft Word provide a useful way to keep an eye on your spelling and grammar. But what if you meant to type a word in a certain way? Then, this feature can be just plain annoying. So did you know you can adjust the auto-correction settings in … Read more

3 Excel tips you probably didn’t know

This month’s tips and tricks article is a challenge to power users of Excel – three useful shortcuts that you probably didn’t know before. Transpose data from a row to a column Sometimes, after you’ve already spent a lot of time laying out a new spreadsheet, you discover that the column headings you chose may … Read more

10 great features you should be using in Office 365

Office 365

When you’ve been using the same Microsoft Office applications for years, it’s easy to stick to the same old habits. But with Office 365, Microsoft is trying to challenge that way that businesses work. So are you a big fan of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher or Outlook? Do you often use Skype for Business, … Read more

New small business apps headed for Office 365

Office 365

Small businesses may soon find it easier to be discovered, market to customers and get paid quickly, thanks to a new raft of features being added to Office 365 Business Premium. Microsoft has unveiled three new apps (Connections, Listings and Invoicing), to better serve the needs of its modern small business users. Connections, it says, … Read more

3 forgotten (but still useful) tips for Microsoft Word

Many Microsoft Word shortcuts and commands have been sitting on the shelf gathering dust over the years, but plenty of them are still useful to those who remember them. These 3 handy tricks – that some may have forgotten – apply to any version beyond Word 2007. Spike it Most users are familiar with the … Read more

Office 365’s deskless worker package expands with new features

Microsoft has announced an expansion to its Office 365 Enterprise K1 plan, to offer frontline staff a significant functionality increase. PowerApps and Flow, Skype for Business, StaffHub, Teams and Office 365 Video will all be making their way across to K1 (the K representing ‘Kiosk’) – though Microsoft has been coy on when exactly the … Read more

Microsoft Word tips to increase productivity

Time saving tricks in Microsoft Word can increase your productivity by reducing the time you spend editing documents. You may have seen these kinds of shortcuts and suggestions before, but we’re sure you’ll find something new in the list below. Quick selection To select a word, make two rapid clicks on the word in question … Read more

Office 365 still the most secure option for small businesses

Office 365

In January 2017, UK businesses saw a price increase on Office 365, with Microsoft citing Brexit and the fall in the value of sterling as the major contributory factors. However, this cloud-based solution remains the obvious choice for SMEs. More than half of businesses today say that their IT is either partly or wholly cloud-based … Read more