10 Tips to Stay Safe and Productive While Working from Home

Working from home

The convenience of the digital age keeps us operating and connected. Even as the pandemic has stalled large parts of daily life, an abundance of business and communication continues to persist. Technology provides a workplace at our fingertips. It’s instantaneous, global — and comes with its own set of drawbacks and security challenges. More and … Read more

Android unlock patterns vulnerable to shoulder surfing

Android users could be putting their data at risk by using unlock patterns – which can be guessed by as many as 60% of onlookers. Researchers at the US Naval Academy and the University of Maryland Baltimore County looked into the phenomenon of ‘shoulder surfing’, where crooks watch smartphone users unlock their devices from a … Read more

Should you reconsider your password policy?

The man who quite literally wrote the book on password security has admitted he may have been “barking up the wrong tree” with his previous advice. Bill Burr published an influential guide on password protection back in 2003, and his advice was quickly established as the gold standard. However, with hindsight (aided by technological advances), … Read more

Beware of Hurricane Harvey charity scams

Online scammers are exploiting the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and other natural disasters to try and make themselves some quick cash. In times of huge crisis, people from around the world donate money to help the worst affected. However, this also brings out the crooks, who prey on people’s generosity for their own ends. This … Read more

Phishing scam targets WhatsApp users with bogus subscription messages

Emails claiming to be from mobile messaging service WhatsApp should be treated with caution, users have been warned, following the discovery of a new phishing scam. Cyber criminals were found to be sending emails, complete with the WhatsApp branding, telling recipients that they need to pay a subscription fee in order to keep their messaging … Read more

Why it’s a good idea to clear your browser history and cookies

Don’t let the friendly website notifications about cookies fool you – it’s a good idea to delete them (and your browser history too). Though cookies allow web browsers to load frequently-visited pages a lot quicker, they can pose a real security threat – as Yahoo discovered just a year or so ago. The incident saw … Read more

Smart TV: the spy in your home?

The US Federal Trade Commission has found that one of the leading manufacturers of smart televisions recorded users’ viewing data without their explicit permission. So is Big Brother watching you? Orwell’s sinister suspicion is nearly 70 years old, but our reasons to be fearful keep on growing – not just from a super-state, but blackmailers, … Read more

Look out for seasonal malware that you didn’t order

It’s that time of year when a deluge of new malware attacks try to lure you in with infected email attachments in messages which purport to be from legitimate companies – the types of companies you would expect to be emailing you at this time of year. Amazon appears to be the worst culprit right … Read more