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How it works

How many colleagues do you need to collaborate with?
How many remote users do you have?
Who needs to work on multiple devices?

Which Office productivity suite do you use?
We can make any of them available.
In addition to Microsoft Project, our system allows you to use any productivity apps you currently use. Please make your request in the message box that appears further down.

Give your industries legacy or line of business unique Windows apps a boast running them on our powerful cloud hardware. In addition to making them available on all your device’s wherever you have a an internet connection.

Enter the amount of storage your company uses. This can be increased or decreased easily during the course of the contract.

The longer your contract the more cost effective your new system will be.

We can also provide Email and the latest VoIP Telephones if you require them. This can be really useful to start-up companies that do not want to pay the large upfront costs normally associated with these services.

Awingu ONe Workspace, Any Device, Anywhere

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