Cloud Services Advantages for Your London Business

Though cloud computing has been around for nearly 20 years, it has not reached a mainstream tipping point until the recent past. Businesses of all types are venturing to the cloud for myriad reasons. Let's take a look at how cloud services in London will benefit your business.

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Enhanced Flexibility

The cloud provides businesses with enhanced flexibility, as there is no longer any need to host with a local server. A business in need of additional bandwidth is a business in need of the cloud. Cloud-based services account for demand in an instantaneous manner instead of requiring a lengthy and costly IT infrastructure improvement. The heightened flexibility really will boost your organisation's efficiency by a significant margin.

The Cloud Will Save You Money

Most business owners are concerned about the cost of transitioning the cloud, yet this fear is unjustified. Though it will take some time and money to segue to the cloud, the return on investment justifies the initial financial setback. Shift to the cloud and you will be able to access company data without delay, regardless of your location. There is no reason to worry about having to pay for additional features that might prove unnecessary as cloud computing niceties are available in a pay-as-you-go manner. This pay-as-you-go system is also applicable to the space required for data storage to boot. There is no risk of paying for space your organisation does not use.

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Improved Mobility

Reach out to our IT company in London to find out more about cloud computing and you will learn all about how it provides on-the-go access to essential company data. This access occurs through mobile web-connected devices such as smartphones and tablets. Use the cloud and your entire team can access important data from any point on the globe as long as there is an internet connection. Employees can work in hotels, coffee shops, airport waiting areas and other spaces far away from the office.

The Cloud is Secure

There is a common misconception that local servers are significantly safer than the cloud. Though your information will no longer be stored on-site after you transition to the cloud, there are plenty of safeguards in place to prevent improper access. The cloud host closely monitors security. Furthermore, there is no chance of an angry internal employee pilfering your critically important data before departing for a new job.


Wouldn't it be nice if your team could collaborate on key documents and other work projects from different locations? Venture away from traditional servers with the help of our cloud services experts in London and your team will enjoy improved collaboration. Certain cloud services even provide collaborative online social spaces to connect workers across the entirety of the business.

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No More Worrying About Software Updates

Cloud software updates are performed in an automatic fashion. This means you will no longer have to wait for the latest system updates to be installed on your system. The cloud-based applications will refresh and update on their own, so your IT team does not have to conduct a manual update.

If your business is not tapping to the power of the cloud, you are at a major competitive disadvantage. At Wem Technology, our cloud services team in London can assist you with all of your cloud needs. We can help you seamlessly transition to the cloud and ultimately get the most out of this breakthrough technology. Find out how!