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Cloud Services for Your Business

Cloud Services for Your Business:

  • Cloud Readiness Assessments
    Most customer engagements begin here, to identify how the benefits of the Cloud might best be realised. Depending on the company, several aspects of their IT infrastructure are considered, such as communications, collaboration, messaging, productivity, application development and maintenance, data center and other hosting requirements, security and identity management, mobile and other device connectivity, and software asset management to name but a few.
    The end result is a quantification of the business impacts that a company could derive from Cloud adoption, as well as a staged roadmap to realise these economic and other business gains.
  • Exchange, Mailbox, and Server Migration
    For many companies, the journey to Cloud benefits starts with adopting Office 365 when their current on-premises infrastructure can no longer support the needs of the business, and therefore must be replaced.
    Through the use of automated tools and processes, Wem Technology ensures this initial migration is seamless and low-cost.

  • Application Virtualisation
    As on-premises infrastructure ages, maintaining adequate computing capacity and minimising ongoing operating costs become key concerns. By moving mission-critical and other key business applications to the Cloud, customers can reduce their total cost of IT ownership as well as gain greatly superior flexibility and scalability.
    Wem Technology ensures that this process is smooth, reliable, and delivered at the lowest possible cost, both initial and ongoing.
  • Cloud Managed Services
    For many businesses, the desire to respond to competitive challenges and reap the benefits of the Cloud simply outstrips their internal IT department’s ability to deal with the increased complexity that results. To varying degrees depending on the size and operational complexity of the company, managing and maintaining Cloud infrastructure must be outsourced.
    In many cases as well, a hybrid IT infrastructure will result, with some aspects in the Cloud and others remaining on-premises. Whatever the mix, Wem Technology provides the ongoing support to keep performance high and costs low.

  • Cloud Backup, Storage, and Business Continuity
    All businesses need to ensure that their data is secure and accessible, and that the business can continue in the event of any IT-related disruption.
    Wem Technology provides a comprehensive service that automatically ensures all files and other key information is continuously backed up, and that a tested process for continuing the business is in place should a disruption occur.