Are Cloud Services in London a Tech Revolution or Tech Evolution?

Cloud computing has entered the mainstream in surprisingly little time. This tech breakthrough makes life easier for business professionals as well as everyday people in terms of collaborating with others, sharing information and working from remote locations. The question is whether cloud services in London are the next step in technological evolution or a full-fledged tech revolution.

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Cloud Computing in Evolutionary Terms

Cloud computing can be thought of as the evolution of yesteryear's terminals. Cloud terminals hinge on resources numerous users share in a group format. Such resources are allocated as necessary. The best part is when cloud users require additional data, they are not constrained by a single server. Today's cloud allows customers to pay as they go, meaning their bill depends on their unique level of cloud usage. The modern cloud is quite the step forward from those dumb terminals used years ago in which text was shown, transmitted and received yet the terminals lacked sufficient processing power. Such computers were massive and costly compared to today's comparably affordable cloud services in London.

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The Cloud's Continued Evolution

The cloud is no longer limited to the public version of this unique technology. Though the public cloud still exists and provides access to anyone with a web connection, the private cloud and the hybrid cloud also exist. Public clouds are highly efficient and fairly intuitive, yet they pose security concerns. The private cloud is comparably safe, yet its physical infrastructure poses extra costs. Alternatively, the hybrid cloud is a combination of cloud services from multiple providers and servers, both public and private. Hybrid clouds provide users with enhanced flexibility. However, managing a multitude of documents in the hybrid cloud has the potential to prove difficult. One has to wonder if a new version of the cloud is on the horizon or whether we have reached this technology's final evolutionary phase.

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Making the Case That the Cloud is a Revolution

Cloud development can be considered an evolution, yet the end result of this evolution just might constitute a tech revolution. Cloud providers own costly IT resources, as opposed to the old days of mainframes and dumb terminals owned by individual businesses. The transition has shifted a considerable amount of labour as well as liability from those who consume these resources. Cloud services in London can also be considered a tech revolution as they increase the possibility for economies of scale as well as leverage.

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