Why You Should Consider Office 365 Migration in London

Office 365 migration in London can be one of the best ways you can take to have a more streamlined office environment and more productive staff. If you haven’t used any cloud-based platforms before, you might have observed there's no progress in your organisation's operations. It is now time to make use of Office 365.

Productivity and Streamlining

The beauty of Office 365 migration in London is that it allows your staff to increase their productivity simply and easily. The collaboration tools included in this suite of programs even allow two or more people to work on the same document at the same time, not to mention all the other applications that can streamline your business practices like Yammer and Microsoft Teams.


As well as no longer needing to own or maintain any of the infrastructures that these IT services run on, you will also save money because there are no additional expenses related to email account charging. Instead, there is a monthly billing pricing structure which makes it very easy to budget for and will often work out more cheaply than the overheads of running this type of service yourself. The number of people licensed to use it is fully scalable, meaning that you never pay for more than you need, and as it is very reliable and governed by excellent service level agreements, you can be sure of its availability at all times.

Security and Backups

When you hold all your sensitive data on servers and hardware within your company’s offices, you are more at risk from natural disasters, hardware failures or even theft. If you consider migrating to the cloud, this becomes Microsoft’s problem, and they are particularly good at it, which results in your data being safer with them than sat in your own building. You also get help with their built-in compliance suite which is perfect if you are in a highly-regulated industry. Their backup processes are simple to use and allow you to secure your data, encrypt it if you wish and restore quickly if anything were to happen to it.

If you are considering Office 365 migration in London for your business, contact us at Wem Technology. We are experts in cloud platforms and can make sure that your company takes advantage of all the benefits that Office 365 can provide. We can save your company money and streamline your business processes.