Considering an Office 365 Migration in London? Check Out These Hidden Features

Countless businesses are considering an Office 365 migration in London as it is chock full of helpful features unavailable on prior versions. If you have not yet made the transition from your outdated Microsoft Office setup to Office 365, you are missing out on a ton of features that can help your business in all sorts of ways. Let's take a look at some of this software's hidden gems.

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You Can Now Edit PDFs in MS Word

If you are like most people who use computers, you have been waiting for the day when you can edit PDFs in MS Word. There is no need to have a copy of Adobe Acrobat to simply modify a sentence or two in a PDF. You can access any PDF you desire in MS Word, alter the content as desired and re-save it as a PDF. Here is how to do it: Click File, Open in Word and the folder containing the PDF. Change the file type to PDF and select the file. The file will then be converted to PDF form.

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Tap Into the Power of Morph

PowerPoint's Morph facilitates the creation of animations. Morph really can enhance every PowerPoint presentation. Using morph is simple: generate a slide, copy it, move objects and apply the morph. The challenge of generating animations with objects on PowerPoint slides is certainly difficult, yet morph ameliorates this challenge with automation. If you have any questions about Morph, you can reach out to our Office 365 migration team in London and make the most out of morph.


Bookings, an add-on for Office 365 allows for appointments to be scheduled with surprising ease. Take advantage of this feature and you will be able to generate a scheduling web page that syncs up with your availability based on your current schedule. You can also rely on an email reminder and additional relevant details all on the same page. Bookings makes it easy to handle several meeting attendees, scheduling conflicts, time zone issues and beyond.

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Office Lens

Thanks to Office Lens, there is no need for a travel scanner or those snapshots of whiteboard notes that are barely legible. You can now take a picture of a whiteboard or a document with a smartphone camera and share it with Microsoft apps or even convert it to a PDF. Office Lens even features intelligent automatic cropping, automatic Office 365 syncing, super-sharp photos, the option to add notes and perform manual cropping.

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