The Cost of Keeping Old Technology On-Premises

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

How many times has that old adage been repeated? It seems like solid advice, right? Well, what used to be a useful saying in more traditional days could, if applied wrongly, be costing you more than you realise. In fact, in the worst-case scenario, keeping technology on-premises after its sell-by date could cost you everything. We’ll discuss some of the big risks and how managed services in London can be your saviour.

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Outdated Tech is Expensive to Maintain and a Threat Vector

There, we said it. As much as you might be averse to overhauling systems that ‘just keep working’ you need to understand that hanging onto outdated technology is probably hurting your business in ways you may not realise and represents an existential threat.

Even if you have new hardware, keeping technology on-premises requires you to keep engineers on-site who can monitor that hardware, ensure it’s running right, and deal with any configuration needs. Keeping those staff on-site isn’t cheap.

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Older technology uses more power and generates more heat. Hardware manufacturers have made great strides in energy efficiency in recent years. If you don’t update your hardware, your business can’t benefit from those advances. Older technology may not support the latest updates to operating systems and software. Cybercriminals love these older, unsupported systems. They can exploit vulnerabilities that remain unpatched, gaining access to your systems and data. At worst, hackers can use your old technology to bring your business to its knees.

Managed Services Obviates These Problems

You could, of course, invest in updating your hardware on-site. But, that means regularly injecting fresh capital into systems that will soon be outdated again. The easy way to eliminate the problems with both legacy hardware and keeping your technology on-site is to migrate to managed services in London.

By letting a managed services provider shoulder the burden of supplying and maintaining your tech resources, your organisation is free to focus on its own business. Your provider can handle everything from stability and security to updates and backups. You can handle building your business.

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If you’re worried about availability or the security of some particularly sensitive data or systems, you can talk to your provider about setting up a hybrid system. Keep only the essential technology on-premises and have that talk to managed services in the cloud. This allows you to leverage the power of managed services in London, enjoying scalability, flexibility, and support some of your deployment. If you’re seeking answers on how to move to managed services, Wem Technology can help. Talk to us today.