Security awareness training for your employees is probably the best cyber defence you can buy.

Today’s ransomware landscape has grown exponentially over the past two years and continues to rise. Without proper protection, your business is vulnerable to the increased volume of threats to IT systems. Your first line of defence should be your staff. Staff security awareness training is essential to help them keep up-to-date with the latest methods being used by these criminals.

Did You Know?

  • 91% of cyberattacks start with phishing (IBM Cyber Security Intelligence)
  • 79% of SMBs don’t have an incident response plan? It’s time to strengthen your IT security strategy! (Cyber Security Survey)
  • The annual number of ransomware families is predicted to grow 25% this year! (Trend Micro)

Here’s a few security awareness tips to stay protected:

Hook up to a network that you know.

Free Wi-Fi is tempting, but be sure that you consider who is providing the connection. Public connections at the local coffee shop are usually unsecured and leave your machine open to outsiders. While these networks provide a convenience, there are risks to be aware of.


Bank and shop with caution

Shopping from familiar websites is a good place to start. Stick with the reputable sites that are tried and true, like Amazon or eBay. Also, when checking out and finalizing the purchase, look for the “padlock” symbol or the abbreviation “https” in the address bar at the top of your browser--- this will ensure that you are on a secure, encrypted part of the webpage. Keeping an eye on your bank statements for suspicious activity is also a good idea, among these other best practices for shopping online.


Use secure passwords.

Passwords for logging into any website should contain a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters – as well as be different for each website that you log into. It can definitely be a pain to remember all of these passwords, but ask yourself which is more of a pain – remembering these, or recovering stolen personal information.

To discover if your passwords have been compromised we offer a Dark Web Scanning Service as part of our cyber security services for London businesses.


Lock Your Computer.

When you walk away from your machine, lock it. In Windows, it is as easy as pressing the Windows key + L. On an Apple Mac, pressing “Control+Shift+Eject” will do the trick (unless you do not have an optical drive, then you can hit the “Power” key instead of “Eject”). This practice would be the equivalent to deadbolting the front door of your home. It acts as a deterrent to the bad guys as well as a line of defense. It may even be worth setting up a password lock on your Apple or Windows machine as well.

security awareness how to lock your PC

Do not click on anything unfamiliar.

If an offer is too good to be true, it probably is. If you get an email from an unknown source, do not click any of the links within it – and immediately report it to your IT department. If a window pops up while browsing a website, immediately close it. Familiarity is always your friend. Using your judgment and trusting your gut is the ultimate defense when online. Always play it safe!


So what's the best way to stay protected?

Increased threat protection and simplified management are provided as part of a Managed Security Service, which can help close the IT security gap.

We can also help you to ensure the best protection for your business by providing your staff with education and training so that they can spot scams and phishing emails as your first line of defence.


Education and Training Services

Talk to us for a demonstration of our Phishing Simulator, Training Courses and Reporting services to raise awareness, test, train and measure your end users. Education for your staff is vital in the fight against cyber-crime, so partner with us to strengthen your cyber security in London today!


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