Dark Web 101: Should You Employ Dark Web Scanning?

Dark web scanning can put your mind at rest that your sensitive data hasn’t been stolen, but where do you start?

What is the Dark Web?

The dark web is a part of the internet where information cannot be found using traditional methods like normal browsers or search engines. It was originally created by the US military to hide intelligence information and they accessed it using a special browser called Tor.

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In order to make their own messages harder to find, they allowed other people to use Tor to add their own information to the dark web. This made it harder to establish what was government-related information and what wasn’t, making it more difficult for it to be intercepted. The result is that unscrupulous people and criminals began to use this part of the internet for illegal activity such as drug dealing.

Because of the increase in cybercrime, the dark web is now also used as a marketplace for buying and selling stolen personal information. If hackers have managed to infiltrate companies and copy login information or personal details, they can display it on the dark web for other people to buy and use maliciously.

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How to Protect Yourself

In order to satisfy yourself that your sensitive data hasn’t been stolen, you should consider dark web scanning. It is software that a managed service provider can help you run that will try to find instances of data being sold on the dark web and cross-reference to find any related to your company. It isn’t exhaustive but will trawl through the known marketplaces to find such things as logins or passwords, credit card information or personal details. Network security should be an essential part of keeping your IT infrastructure safe, but sometimes a system can be hacked without anyone even realising and scanning is an ideal way to check.

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London managed services providers can help you find out whether or not your company data has been compromised by performing dark web scanning for you. Once you know if any part of your systems or login information has been stolen and there is a possibility that it may be used fraudulently, you can take steps to protect yourself more thoroughly. This may take the form of increased security to protect your IT systems and changing the passwords and login information that was stolen so that the copied information is useless. We at Wem Technology can assist you with all these tasks. Contact us today to see how we can help your company if there have been past security issues and make sure you don’t have the same issue going forward.