Dark Web Scanning Is Quickly Becoming an Important Cybersecurity Tool

The dark web should worry every single business owner and manager regardless of their company's niche or location. The dark web is a digital hub for data pilfered from corporate servers. It takes less than $20 to purchase computer logins on the dark web. Spend $1,000 and you can obtain an individual's full identity including Social Security numbers. The solution is dark web scanning provided by IT companies in London.

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The Importance of Ongoing Dark Web Monitoring

If your company's data is stolen, it will likely be put on the dark web and sold to the highest bidder. Everything from your clients' credit card information to sensitive corporate data can be stolen and sold in surprisingly little time. The dark web empowers people to communicate in an anonymous fashion, yet it is primarily used to sell stolen data and illegal items. The trouble with nabbing dark web criminals is they encrypt their IP addresses through Tors or a specialised browser.

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The dark web's anonymity has made it incredibly easy for data thieves and other criminals to make a bundle of money without fear of repercussion. Sadly, the number of corporate data breaches will likely continue to skyrocket as more and more money-hungry miscreants turn to the dark web. Every single industry sector across the globe is vulnerable to data theft and subsequent sale on the dark web.

Dark Web Scan

Dark web scanning is your weapon against data theft and subsequent sale on the dark web. Regularly scan the dark web for your company's information and you just might find some of your trade secrets, client information, and other sensitive data is up for sale. Consistent scanning gauges the threat to your business and makes it that much easier to thwart it. When in doubt, rely on the professional tech gurus to perform thorough scans and subsequently seal all breaches. In fact, it is even possible to log and analyse how such breaches occur for improved procedures that minimise risk across posterity.

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If you are not currently performing a dark web scan, your business is vulnerable to cyber threats. Instead of trying to figure out the nuances of dark web scanning on your own, let our tech aficionados at Wem Technology do the work for you. Our digital security tools will protect your data, network, and computers to ensure optimal efficiency. For more details, contact us.