What Is in the Dark Web and Why Should Your Business Consider Dark Web Scanning?

If you're concerned that your organisation's confidential data ended up in the dark web, you might want to consider dark web scanning, a service offered by some London IT support companies as part of their security solutions. This specific service entails searching the dark web for clients' information to check if it's being used for nefarious purposes like traded as goods in the black market.

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There's a lot of contraband stuff up for sale in the black market, such as prohibited drugs and unlicensed firearms to name a few. Stolen financial and personal information is readily available as well and usually sold to the highest bidder. Payment is in the form of cryptocurrency which is hard to trace. Once an item is sold, finding out who bought your data may just end up in a wild goose chase.

Aside from those illicit goods, here are other services being offered in the dark web:

Anonymous Email Providers

Dark web email providers aren't against the law per se. Journalists, activists, and dissidents use them for complete security and anonymity. You can use it too if you want an additional layer of protection against identity theft. However, these services get a bad name because cybercriminals use them for unlawful activities, like sending sextortion messages, which are emails claiming they have sexually incriminating information on the recipient that will be released to the public unless the required amount is paid.

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Cryptocurrency Tumblers

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin were supposedly completely anonymous, but some transactions could still be traced back to their origin. Because the dark web thrives in anonymity, the need to keep transactions as untraceable as possible has risen, giving way to cryptocurrency tumblers. Also known as cryptocurrency mixing services, they are designed to mix possibly identifiable funds with other funds to obfuscate the money trail and hide it from dark web scanning.

Hacking Services

Like mercenaries for hire, hackers offer their skills for the right price on the dark web. This means cybercriminals don't need to be technical experts themselves; they can outsource the services they need to the people who can perform the tasks. As a result, they don't get their hands dirty. Hackers can get caught, but the real masterminds can get away because they don't have direct involvement. This adds another layer in the challenge of finding out who is directly responsible for a cybercrime.

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The dark web doesn't exist solely for illegal reasons, but there's no denying that many illegal activities are happening there, so dark web scanning is highly recommended. As your trusted London IT support provider, we at Wem Technology are happy to offer this service. Get in touch with us for more information.