Debunking the Myths of Cloud Services in London

When it comes to the subject of the cloud, most people are understandably misinformed. There are countless misconceptions about cloud computing as the cloud is a fairly new technology with ample complexity. Below, our cloud services team in London identifies some of the top cloud half-truths, myths, and bald-faced lies.

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Myth: The Cloud Doesn't Have the Optimal Encryption

Encryption is typically relied upon for data in transition. Encryption protects data as it moves across the web. It is also possible to apply encryption to data that is not moving through encryption by way of a storage drive. Consult with our cloud services experts in London to figure out exactly what type of encryption you need before committing to a cloud provider.

Myth: Cloud Infrastructures Lack Security

Information security is essential for businesses of all types and sizes. A surprising number of people believe the cloud services lack the necessary security measures to safeguard data against evil-doers. There is also a common misconception data in the cloud can be viewed or downloaded by anyone at any location. The truth is the cloud is that much more secure for small businesses. Cloud providers have antivirus protection and multi-layered security that prevents hackers from infiltrating.

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Myth: Thanks to the Cloud, there is no Longer a Data Security Responsibility

Cloud security is essential yet guarding data is the responsibility of those who access it. The cloud infrastructure and your data can be exposed to malevolent parties if even one unlocked mobile device is lost or stolen.

The Cloud is Infallible

The cloud has the potential to endure technical difficulties. As an example, some cloud businesses have endured server failures that have corrupted files and resulted in lost data. The cloud, like just about everything else connected to the web, is also vulnerable to hacking. Do your research and you will be able to whittle down the pack to the cloud services provider with a proven ability to safeguard data.

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Even if something goes wrong after you transition to the cloud, you will have a team of full-time cloud support specialists working hard to correct the problem. The best part is this team of cloud specialists is cheaper than paying for full-time IT employees to work at your office. Though the cloud is certainly fallible, outsourcing ultimately saves money while improving efficiency and digital security.


Are you interested in cloud services for your business? At Wem Technology, we can help. Let our cloud services team in London help you make the most of this breakthrough technology. If you need assistance with IT, data migration services, backup and disaster recovery, or anything else tech-related, contact us today.