How to Determine If On-Site or Remote Managed Services in London Are Ideal for your Business

IT outsourcing is becoming increasingly common as tech becomes that much more complex. For most businesses, the question is no longer whether it is prudent to ask for outside assistance with IT. Businesses are now tasked with figuring out if on-site or remote IT support from a managed services provider in London is best for their operations.

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Remote IT Support

Remote tech support is assistance provided from afar through remote control tools. Remote control is possible without the customer’s presence, thanks to server support that relies upon agents that have been permanently installed! Remote support can also include services stemming from the cloud such as hosted software solutions to infrastructure-as-a-service, disaster recovery-as-a-service and beyond.

Cloud servers are treated similar to regular customer servers. The primary difference is the cloud hosting company is responsible for hardware support.

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Our managed services team in London is here to provide ongoing support for operating systems and everything else that runs on the hardware. Give our remote support service a try and you will find it is well within your budget’s limitations. Our team can provide immediate assistance without a travel delay, travel expenses and other forms of potential interference. Thankfully, this reduced investment does not compromise support quality or engineer availability. Our tech aficionados are here to help solve your IT challenges in a timely manner. We typically respond within five minutes or less.

A Look at On-Site IT Support

Tech support provided on-site is either dedicated on-site support or remote-based support provided on-site. The dedicated form of on-site support involves an engineer working directly at the client’s facility, shoulder-to-shoulder next to the in-house IT personnel or completely independently. Remote on-site support requires the engineer to travel to the client’s location to complete the work required. There is no need for devices to connect or rely on management interfaces; support is provided in-person for easy troubleshooting and rapid problem-solving. This is a fantastic opportunity for clients to pick our technicians’ brains, learn about the nuances of tech and watch the professionals work their magic.

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Which Option is Best for Your Business?

The IT solution you select for your business might not be ideal for the next business and so on. Everything from your business’s size to your current staff’s skills and your unique tech problems will shape this decision. In general, remote support will prove functional and effective for companies of just about every size. In some cases, it will make sense to use both on-site IT support and remote support. Our tech experts are here to help you decide which approach is optimal for your unique business.

At Wem Technology, our managed services crew in London is proud to provide on-site IT support and remote assistance. Contact us to learn more about how we can help solve your IT challenges.