Developing Cybersecurity Strategies with London IT Consulting

The best way to accelerate a business toward its goals is to work with London IT consulting experts to get past cybersecurity issues. Once you know your data is well protected, you can focus on areas that technology cannot do, such as grow your business contacts or build your brand. Here are ways that an IT team can help build strong security layers around your business.

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Establish a Disaster Recovery Plan

A London IT consulting team can help make your infrastructure more secure by creating a disaster recovery plan that lays out specific steps people will take in the event of an emergency. The plan should indicate how quickly your business and IT support team will respond to downtime. It also specifies the backup server that will be used temporarily until the main system is restored.

Since it often takes an unprepared company up to two months to restore data following a breach, it's best to make routine data backups so that the latest backups are up-to-date. The more up-to-date a backup system is, the less you will have to worry about ransomware attacks in which cybercriminals block access to data on specific computers. As long as the data is backed up on an offsite computer, the company should be immune from ransomware attacks.

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Steps to Strengthen Security

In-house IT teams often forget to update all software, which can lead to a backlog of work that needs to be completed. One of the main reasons why it's smart to keep all software updated is because updates often correct recently discovered security flaws. Outsourced IT teams are usually more reliable at making sure these flaws are corrected on a daily basis since cybersecurity is now a top priority in the IT world.

Another step an IT consulting team can take to make your system more secure is to add encryption to your files. Confidential data, such as customer financial information, should definitely be encrypted, which involves adding complex code to a file to block access. When it comes to passwords, your IT team should enforce a strict policy that prohibits simple passwords.

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The use of two-factor authentication will help keep email more private. In other words, users will have to answer a security question as a second authentication factor. Two-factor authentication is a feature that can be turned on or off in email programs such as Gmail. Employees should also be trained by IT consultants on how to spot suspicious emails.

Working with a London IT consulting team on cybersecurity will allow you to focus more on your core business goals. Contact us to learn more about building a strong defence against cybercriminals.