The Difference Between the Dark Web and the Deep Web, and Why a Dark Web Scan Is Important

Most people have heard about the dark web in passing, yet they do not fully understand what it actually is. Complicating matters is the fact that a deep web also exists. Let's take a look at how the dark web differs from the deep web and why you must consider a dark web scan for your business.

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The Deep Web

You might be surprised to learn you likely use the deep web on a daily basis when reading social media and email. The deep web is comprised of data search engines cannot index. Such material can only be accessed beyond log-in pages or through sites that do not allow search engines to properly index content. The deep web details everything from electronic healthcare data on a company's intranet to the portals used for online banking. The deep web is basically the millions of password-protected web pages people access with regularity. In other words, the deep web is fairly boring.

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The Dark Web

The dark web is a smaller portion of the internet existing on an encrypted network. In order to access the dark web, you need a unique browser designed to encrypt your identity and empower you to browse in an anonymous fashion. Information on the dark web is meant to be concealed from search engines as well as casual web users. There is no way to accidentally stumble upon a dark web page. You must explicitly intend to visit the dark web to see anything on it. Though there is a common misconception that the majority of dark web traffic is criminals wheeling and dealing drugs, guns, and other illegal items, the truth is most of the people who use the dark web are those who simply want to surf the internet with anonymity. As an example, the dark web is commonly used by those living under totalitarian regimes that track web traffic and block websites.

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The problem with concealing one's identity to use the dark web is the anonymity lends itself to illegal activity. All one needs is an encrypted network to find black markets on the dark web where just about every illegal item under the sun is sold. As an example, you might have heard of Silk Road, an illegal dark web marketplace in which drugs, weapons, and private data were bought and sold. Thankfully, the FBI the authorities are working to identify those using the dark web for illegal purposes and punish them accordingly. IT support providers in London also are now helping protect their clients against dark web threats by conducting a dark web scan for their businesses.

Now that you know about the dark web and deep web, it is time to protect your business's data. At Wem Technology, we can help fortify your digital security and ultimately preserve the integrity of your data against attacks from every corner of the web. Find out how we can secure your business through a dark web scan.